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The Pace Car Cares Foundation

We are working to determine the exact cost to each rider and on what options might be available to purchase. As we get started and connect with track partners that will help us determine the cost of the experience.

50% of funds raised will go towards the Pace Car Cares Foundation's efforts to provide free rides and the other 50% will be donated to a charitable organization of the event host choice.

Additionally we will be seeking sponsor to help with the cost of tires, fuel and other consumable items to help reduce the cost. Stay tuned to this website for more details as they become available!

If you have any questions or comments please use the Contact Us page to reach out, we welcome your feedback!

What will this cost me?

In order to raise funds the plan is to sell these experiences to those who are able to pay for them. While the exact specifics of what will be included are still to be determined, the plan is to offer a ride around the track that is either 4 miles or 4 laps. How fast the ride is and the exact number of laps will likely vary by the track the experience is at. 

Part of the experience provided to both paying participants and the recipients from the non-profit groups includes video footage of their time on the track. This will include a video of the person riding in the car and a view looking out the windshield of the car. This is done so those riding can enjoy the experience instead of trying to film it. We hope to include footage from outside the vehicle as well.

The Pace Car Cares Foundation has one goal. Provide a unique experience for people who would otherwise not get to experience them. The goal of the foundation is to provide these experiences free of charge to groups such as Make-A-Wish, Big Brother Big Sister, Wounded Warriors and other organizations with similar mission statements. 

What is the pace car cares foundation?

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